PROUD TO PRESENT: the mother-daughter collection of leselles x Tiany Kiriloff

We are proud to present to you the very first children's collection of leselles.

Together with fashionista and stylish mama Tiany Kiriloff, we developed a cheerful collection of scarves, hats and collars in candy colors for autumn-winter 2021.

Liesbet Allaer, the driving force behind Leselles and mother of two daughters, as well as Tiany, fashionista and mother of three daughters, love the collection. The collection unites fashion and motherhood , just as the two ladies do every day.

Just like every other piece from the Belgian knitwear label Leselles, the scarves, hats and collars of the kids' collection are made from wool surpluses and every piece is produced in Portugal. Color, style and durability remain the basic concepts of leselles in this new collection.

A plus, especially with a kids' collection: the high-quality mohair wool does not fluff and can be washed. (We can hear the mamas sighing in relief from here!)

Discover the collection

The collection consists of the scarf Helena (available in 2 sizes), hat Eloïse (available in 2 sizes) and the collar Otilia - handy for young children: does not drag on the floor, does not get caught anywhere and is very easy to put on and take off. Pull.

Each piece is available in 4 color combinations

Coral/light green - Pink orchid/guacamole - Orange marmalade/elsa blue -Purple/yello mellow

Who is Tiany Kiriloff?

Tiany is Flanders' most famous fashionista - although that term does not really cover the load. The Belgian with Chilean, Russian and Dutch roots is a creative and enterprising centipede – in addition to being an entrepreneur, TV face, presenter, blogger, she is also an influencer and stylist.

She combines a busy career in fashion with mothering her three girls. Her daughters Yelena, Eloïse and Otilia play a central role in the collaboration with Leselles 

'The girls and I are very proud of our collection for Leselles. The pieces are colorful and cheerful, ultra-soft and also sustainably produced with high-quality wool surpluses. The icing on the cake of any back-to-school outfit! —Tiany Kiriloff

The collection is available from today on and in various points of sale.